Tuesday, April 3, 2012

iPhone PRO concept by Jinyoung Choi

Here is a remarkable concept for the Apple iPhone.the designer Choi made a brand new concept which can mount varies accessories on its back.the most featured one is the DSLR lens.the device is designed for the users who love to work with camera rather than other applications.

iPhone PRO features a 4.5 inch wide LCD screen with a resolution of 1200x800 and 2 side buttons, a 3D camera of 1.2 Mega Pixel, a height of 128mm, a width of 73mm and a thickness of 9.6m.Choi says that using a DSLR lens will help you to get the best out of 3D camera.on rear side you can mount a projector as well. Also you can use the device as a portable speaker and a removable Hard drive. check out the following images of the device.

Pretty cool right? i guess it needs atleast a A5X quad-core processor or A6 to do the DSLR processings.
rumors say that there will be a 4.5 inch screen in upcoming iPhone 5 so Choi may use the rumor to design the screen.
The projector with a built in speaker is really great idea.as you can see in the above image(image before last one)its very stable and nice tech looking.
That's all i got about the iPhone PRO concept.lets hope next iPhone will get some of these features from concept. at least the 4.5" display.

News via Yanko Design

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