Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S IV Concept (II)

Greetings tech fans, The most anticipated smartphone of the year aka Samsung Galaxy S IV is already set to launch tomorrow. The launch event will be held in Time Square, New York at 7 pm. Samsung already teased the device with a picture of the top left edge which makes sammy fans confused as it's more like a Galaxy SIII with removed ear piece grill. Anyhow i came up with another concept design for this Android beast and this time also i used the latest rumors,leak..etc to make the design. If you haven't seen my previous Galaxy S IV concept check out from here

The new Concept focus on some new specs and small changes in design,specially the round edges. We all know Galaxy SIII design was not as we expected and many users complained about it's design. But i still believe Samsung will not change the round edges from the next flagship device.

My previous concept doesn't feature any physical buttons on the front side. But seems Samsung will not ditch their traditional home button. So i added the home button back in to this concept along with the two capacitive buttons. On the top we have the 2.1 MP front facing camera, ambient light sensor and the proximity sensor and another sensor to help the eye scrolling. The edges are still curved but not so rounded as Galaxy SIII. This Concept features a 4.99" Green PHOLED 1080p edge to edge screen. PHOLED is the next generation of AMOLED technology. These screens are capable of delivering crystal clear details and colors while consuming low amount of energy when compare to other OLED screens. There are number of rumors out there saying, next Galaxy device will feature a different OLED technology and it will be Green PHOLED which use the green and yellow color to make 25% more energy efficient screen. The LED notification light is the oval strip around the home button.

The rear side features the new improved 13.0 Mega Pixel Camera and below to that LED flash can be seen. At the bottom there are two speaker grills on left and right corners. When talking about the camera on next Galaxy device, Samsung must show something new with imaging. we heard that Samsung is working on a feature called "Samsung Orb" which is quite similar to the photo sphere in Android 4.2, also Samsung has filed a patent on 5th of March regarding a 3D imaging technology. this technology required only one lens to do the 3D stuff. HDR video and imaging can be also expected. The speakers at the bottom features SRS WOW HD tech to deliver stunning sound with great BASS. On the top we can find the secondary microphone for noise cancellation and the ambient noise sensor.

I have to mention something i doubt about the back cover of Galaxy S IV. last year,the invitation sent by Samsung showed the colors of  the device,marble white and pebble blue. No body thought it was the colors of the device. And this time, Galaxy S IV invitation has a dark background with some pattern of dots, little bit similar to the nexus 4 patterns. i think Samsung will use that pattern for the body of Galaxy S IV. here is a cropped image of the Samsung invitation where the dot patterns are clear.


Once again i'm mentioning, these specs are based on latest rumors and some from my interests. What are the biggest opponents Galaxy S IV will have? my personal idea is there will be a battle between S IV, HTC ONE and Sony Xperia Z. all of these features something unique from each other. To be the king of Androids, Galaxy S IV should have or atleast something similar to these features. Lets take water resistance for example, Sony Xperia Z is the winner in this case. Xperia Z is IP 65,67 certified for water and dust resistance. What can Samsung do to complete with this feature? i believe they will make the Galaxy S IV with liquid repellent nano coating which used in some Motorola Razr phones. And Sammy fans can keep there hopes alive for this since Samsung demoed a Galaxy SIII in a water tank at CES 2013. that device was nano coated and was there in the water for almost an hour. So lets wish for the best.

Other thing i have added is a Ambient Noise sensor which may very useful when the user is at a crowded place. wireless charging mat from Samsung will support the next galaxy device and more than that, i think S IV will feature a NFC based wireless charging system. Samsung already filed a patent for this. S pen support is there in the concept due to the floating touch capabilities. But i don't think it will bundle with  a S pen. Eye tracking,scrolling and more features are already confirmed by the leaked screenshots. adding Mira Cast would be great and capable of Booting Vanilla Android is something i have seen most people requesting.

Power saving will be a "OK" i guess. PHOLED screen and Octa core cpu which use the big.LITTLE architecture will save the juice of the battery for more hours. battery capacity will be something between 2600mAh - 3100 mAh. the leaked Chinese dual SIM prototype uses a 2600mAh battery,so we can expect the same in real device. most people waited to see the Mali-T658 GPU in Galaxy S IV but Samsung confirmed they will use a PowerVR SGX 544MP3 GPU for the Exynos 5410 chipset. Corning gorilla glass 3 with nano coated will take care about the durability and water damage.

Lets wait till tomorrow and see what Samsung will really give us. please leave a comment about your idea for the next Galaxy device.


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