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2013 is going to be a battlefield of high-end smartphone manufacturers. Sony unveiled their Xperia Z and ZL flagship devices to compete with next generation Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S IV. It seems HTC is also hiding a new competitor which is not officially announced yet, though we have seen some leaked images of the device under the "HTC M7" branding. What about Motorola? They haven't entered the competition yet and we didn't saw any high end device from them in recent past. Since Google acquired Motorola Mobility now they have a great chance to come up with a powerful flagship. Software updates wont be a issue when Motorola is now under the Google's hood.

The word "X Phone" emerged after the Google's CEO Larry Page talked about few areas in smartphone tech including "Battery Life" and "Durability". Another thing that reports says Motorola and Google are working on a Nexus like phone which Google is aiming to Launch the Next Android version "Key Lime Pie". This is how it all began. The Concept i have imagined here, maybe the first Motorola X Phone concept in internet.

My most favorite flagship is Sony Xperia Z. It took me a while to think what should i add to this X Phone to kill the features of Xperia Z. Finally i came up with some decent specs, i suppose. as CEO Larry Page said, Durability and Energy saving is highlighted in this concept.
As you can see in the above image, X phone features the Motorola front look and side bezel free design. reducing bezels makes the device more compact in user's hand while maintaining a larger screen. An LED notification light is placed at the bottom along with the microphone.

Motorola X phone features a Edge to Edge 5 inch Super LCD 3 screen and the bezel less design gives a high-end polish. Screen is protected by Corning's new Gorilla Glass 3 and it's Liquid Repellent Nano Coated. Not only the screen,the electronic circuits also nano coated to ensure no damage from water. that's what came to my mind for beating Xperia Z's water resistability.

Back side features the Kelvar casing from Mototrola. This casing is fingerprint proof, scratch resistant and also gives a good grip in hand. The primary camera is improved up to 13 Mega pixels and uses a Xenon flash. The camera is also capable of shooting 1080p videos @60fps and HDR image taking. Loud speaker is placed right side of the Lens. secondary noise cancellation microphone is on the top left side.

 Detailed List of Specifications

 Most appealing features of the Concept are it's wireless charging capabilities. I have imagined a orb with changeable charging mats. The mats are able to attached to the orb and it supports a NFC based wireless charging too. This mat can communicate with the device using NFC within a 60cm of range(radious).
Solar charging mat can be used when you go outside with low battery level. Wi-Fi Miracast receiver is built in to the orb ,so you can plug the orb in to a TV/screen and wirelessly stream your device content while charging. I also came up with the idea, adding a pico projector to the orb as well,but it makes the cost of orb expensive and some users don't want a pico projector for day to day use. To get a clear view, check out the image below.

Unfortunately the Motorola X phone wont be a Nexus device. But i'm pretty much sure both companies will design it as a nexus device. I thought to add a vanilla Android boot enable startup to the concept which means when we turn on the device,we get the option to boot the vanilla Android or Motorola customized UI Android. Maybe that will help to get quick software updates.

Overall,the concept manages to cover some key areas like battery life,power management and durability. Qualcomm's Snapdragon 800 series processor is to compete with ARM Cortex-A15 architecture,so the device will have great performance and graphics. Camera of Motorola couldn't gain the attraction of users though it has high Mega pixel number, Lets hope for a improved camera, 13 MP is enough for modern standards i guess. SRS WOW HD sound enhancement will provide super music quality while crisp super LCD3 screen will gives better details. The X phone is rumored to launch between May and July. According to Droidlife's report, Verizon will launch the device for 299$ with a contract.

Please feel free to give your suggestions and complains about the concept in the comments.

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