Monday, February 27, 2012

Mozilla Released Firefox for Meego (N9)

Hey Guys Mozilla released Firefox browser for's not exactly same like desktop version but t’s quite good, a little hiccups in places but could possibly be rather awesome should flash appear next week.

Drag left to see tabs and drag right to see navigation and settings. The main page (when opening new tab) shows up your bookmarks. All pages are loaded up as the desktop version, so fonts are small (to an extend readable). You’ve got some neat options for plugins to make the text larger (as well as other FF plugins like adblock that should help load times).

I will need to test this out more, perhaps the random lags might be something else (bad internet connection perhaps? Mine does tend to die around midnight).

You can download this for free at Nokia Store.take a look at the screenshot of Firefox running on Meego.

check the Hands on video.

News via DailyMobile

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